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  1. For sources that have four or more authors you always resort to using et al. When else do I use et al. in Harvard Referencing? Et al. is not only used after a quote or a paraphrased text. You need to also include et al. should you adapt or copy a table, graph or some other former of visual material that has 3 or 4 more authors
  2. 'Et al.' - Correct Usage for Harvard Referencing A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the idea that in-text references are a 'quick link' to the sources given in the reference list at the end of your essay
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  4. How and when to use et al. Published on February 17, 2020 by Jack Caulfield. Revised on November 9, 2020. Et al. is short for the Latin term et alia, meaning and others

'Et al.' - Correct Usage for Harvard Referencin

  1. How to Use the Term 'Et Al.' When citing books in academic writing, you can often use the term 'et al.' to indicate 'and others'. This is to avoid having to write down all of a book's authors each time you mention it
  2. I Harvard kan källhänvisningen se ut på två olika sätt. Om det finns fyra eller fler författare till samma bok skriver du i den löpande texten bara det första namnet och et al. (latin et alia som betyder och andra). (Johnson et al. 2001, 226). eller
  3. If the work has four or more authors/editors the abbreviation 'et al.' should be used after the first author's name. It is also acceptable to use 'et al.' after the first author if the work has three authors. Social acceptance of carbon capture and storage is necessary for the introduction of technologies (van Alphen et al., 2007)
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  5. In this case, the first author's surname should be stated followed by 'et al': Mitchell et al (2017, p. 189) states Or (Mitchell et al, 2017, p, 189) No Author: If possible, use the organisation responsible for the post in place of the author. If not, use the title in italics: (A guide to citation, 2017, pp. 189-201
  6. Citing sources with 4 or more authors. If a work has 4 or more authors, cite only the surname of the first-listed author followed by 'et al.' wherever the reference occurs in the text ('et al.' is the Latin term for 'and others')

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  1. A quick guide to Harvard referencing. Published on 14 February 2020 by Jack Caulfield. Revised on 22 June 2020. Referencing is an important part of academic writing. It tells your readers what sources you've used and how to find them
  2. Where a source has a very long list of authors, eg in the case of some scientific articles, you might wish to consult your tutor on whether to use et al. in place of some author names. Two authors If the source has two authors, you should include both authors in the reference, with their names separated by and
  3. Even though Harvard style in text citation requires you to use et al. when there are four or more authors in a source, you need to list all the authors in a bibliographical entry. Yes, all of them, even if there are 25
  4. How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper [1] summarizes current practice as using et al. for more than three authors, a practice also favored by the Chicago Manual of Style [2], whereas Cambridge University Press, for its STM (science, technology, medicine) books, says: Citations to works with three authors can either: (1) give all three names the first time, and thereafter use et al.

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How to Use the Term 'Et Al

For example: Burrows et al. (2009) state that... However when not using the author's name in your writing and the author/s surname/s are placed in brackets, you also need to add a comma after the full stop, as this follows the usual MMU Harvard standard for citations. For example: (Burrows et al., 2009) If you have used et al. in your citation. Namely, use et al. as usual but also include lowercase letters after the year (2010a, 2010b, etc.) to tell the references apart. For more information and examples on citing references in text, see Chapter 6 of our sixth edition Publication Manual (pp. 174-179) Example: Kotler et al. (1987) Remember to list all the authors of the work in your reference list or bibliography. However, on the rare occasions where there are more than nine authors, you need only list the first followed by et al

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Smith et al. in the bibliography. If the purpose of referencing is so people can look it up, and not to give recognition to every author, then et al. seems a practical solution to the problem of a 12,000-word bibliography (in a 30,000 word book). - user14607 Jul 21 '15 at 8:2 *NOTE: Use either and or & but be consistent in your choice throughout the list. Smith, Thomas and Morris (2012) As noted by Smith, Thomas and Morris (2012) quotation (Smith, Thomas and Morris, 2012, p. 403) Book (4 authors or more) You may choose to list all authors, or et al or and others Everyoneelse is expected to use the UWS Harvard Style outlined in this brief guide and in more detail on the library's UWS Referencing Guide Moodle page. There are two parts to every reference: Citation when paraphrasing: The use of humour increases student engagement in the classroom (Miller et al., 2017) Use the UWE Bristol Harvard reference builder. Example of referring to (citing) a work within your text. Example: The need for care and guidance (Pearson et al., 2007) is evident... Example: As Pearson et al. states (2007, p.72), The basis of evidence-based practice is, of course, evidence. Books, reprint editions How to format your referenc

Use et al. after the first author. Examples: Image Interactive Technology (IIT) is used by Kim et al. (2007) as the term to describe the use of product viewing functions such as zoom, 3D virtual models and close-up pictures to enhance the consumer's online shopping experience

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